4695 Telegraph Ave.

Oakland, CA 94609

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Open to the public
seven days a week!

Store hours:
11am-6pm daily

Donation hours:
11am-5pm daily

Thank you to our Depot customers, material donors and volunteers for your ongoing support of the Depot!

We also gratefully acknowledge the financial support from the following organizations which make it possible for us to continue to provide our services to the community:

East Bay Depot For Creative Reuse

Some testimonials from our customers on East Bay Depot For Creative Reuse:

“They are out of this  world. In the Heavens. Everyone talks of going green.  They are green at it’s truest and always have been.”

“This place is ridiculously cool… I frequent this place, and I love it.”

“This place is a must for the thrifty eco-conscious crafter.”

“I ALWAYS find several great things to buy… and it’s always at a great deal.”

“The East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse is my Mecca.”

“I always find treasures here. I love this place. I have made so many art projects with the very inexpensive items I have come across over the years.”

“Great prices and there is always someone there to help me.”

“This place is AWESOME!!!!  I never go in looking for anything, but always seem to come out with something.”

“I’ve got to give 10 stars to the staff for organizing all the stuff that comes in…  Thank you, THANK YOU for having a place to donate my stuff instead of having to throw it away.”

“Strange and marvelous center for the crafter. If you are one of those people who always have a project going – welcome to Nirvana.”

“Some call it junk, some call it art, some a bargain, while others call it recycling at its most creative.  Whatever way you define it, its a great business and I’m sure the landfills are breathing a little sigh of relief.”

“This place is amazing, anything you can imagine will show up here at one point or another.  If you want a killer Halloween costume, a part for an art project or just want to take a look around, this place is always a blast.”

“Amazing for teachers and educators, even better for families who don’t have the economic means to buy lots of new art supplies. “

“The ultimate recycling/reuse center!”