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Oakland, CA 94609

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11am-6pm daily

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11am-5pm daily

When we recieve donated materials through organized programs, we in turn are able to donate back to the community on a local, national, and international level.

The Central Contra Costa Reuse and Cleanup Days is a local award-winning curbside-pickup program designed by the East Bay Depot and the Central Contra Costa Solid Waste Authority. Now in its eighth year, the program is a collaboration between the Depot, the CCCSWAPacific Rim RecyclingAllied Waste Management and St. Vincent de Paul of Lane County, Oregon. The Depot donates a large portion of the reusable items that are collected to more than 20 non-profit organizations in Contra Costa County.

“Your program, above and beyond its green/environmental impact, is a most humane and socially conscious program that has helped needy children and families in Contra Costa County in so many importnt ways.”
-Carl Nishi, Children and Family Services, Contra Costa County

On the State level The California Wellness Foundation funds the Depot’s Northern California Rural Poverty Program to distribute hygiene items, clothing, food and other health-related items for immigrant and low-income communities in Northern California. In 2008 this program served approximately 500 families in San Joaquin, Solano and Trinity Counties.

On a national and international level, the Depot has partnered with One Family of Danville to deliver donated humanitarian aid supplies to Mississippi after Hurricaine Katrina, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Humanitarian Aid Shipments and Distribution

June 2003:

Container shipment of computers, books and clothing to Kabul, Afghanistan

June 2004:

Container shipment of bicycles, clothing, and canning jars to Kabul, Afghanistan

January 2005:

Container shipment of beauty supplies to Kabul, Afghanistan for job training for women

July 2005:

Container shipment of clothing and bicycles to two orphanages in Nicaragua

August 2005:

Distribution of medial supplies to VIDA (Volunteers for Inter-American Development Assistance) of Emeryville

November 2005:

Container shipment of humanitarian aid to Texas for victims of Hurricane Katrina

December 2005:

Container shipment of clothing and humanitarian aid to St. Vincent de Paul of Biloxi, Mississippi for victims of Hurricane Katrina

January 2006:

Container shipment of warm clothing and blankets to Pakistan (“Parkas for Pakistan”)

February 2006:

Storage of bicycles and computers for future shipment to Nicaragua

2007 to Present:

Deliveries of clothing and hygiene items to the California Human Development Corporation as part of the Northern California Rural Poverty Program
Distribution of goods collected through the Contra Costa County Reuse and Cleanup Days to more than 20 non-profit organizations and Social  Service Agencies in Contra Costa and Alameda Counties