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trash matcher – project directory searchable by materials – art projects from recycled materials – recycling and reuse project guide
waste-free-lunches – how to reduce food packaging waste
a year of reuse activities – for teachers – weave plastic bags into blankets and more
planet protectors – reasons to reduce, reuse, and recycle
recycling lesson plans – from the teachers guide
recycle rex – activity book for kids
LOCAL LINKS: – the East Bay’s resource for recycling, reuse, and landfill info
one family – our partner in relief goods distribution
s.c.r.a.p. – San Francisco’s reuse center
urban ore – east bay salvage for furniture and building materials
r.a.f.t. – resource area for teachers in San Jose
scraphouse – blitz built using salvaged materials
ecohaul – hauls reusable goods – read this article
readymade magazine – reuse magazine from Berkeley
junk pirate – found art publication from oakland
goddess of garbage – Carol Tanzi’s site on reuse art
ruby begonia – eclectic art made from unusual items
rowan morrison – online artist’s bookstore
SF craft mafia – join today or they’ll break my legs
CA department of conservation
books for the barrios – poverty book donation program
trashopia – the great dumpster diversion project
generation green – environmental education and action
america recycles day – november 15th
earth day – guide to worldwide events and more
freecycle – large scale redistribution of stuff
green art guide – resource links for artists and craftsmen
dumpster world – the dumpster diving forum